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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
finally im back! lol..

so life was interesting tis few wks.

work, outings wif frens, bz wif my theory lessons n stuffs.

my last day of attachment has come to an end today. indeed 5 mths seems to be a long way. now im done finally!

dinner ytd at sakura wif my team members. tanks for e treat guys!

was on midnight shift. n dinner ended early, 2 wen back hm 1st, e other for foot massage , left me n cliff. we both window-shopped for a while. since most shops closing soon, end up we head to bb mc-cafe for coffee instead.

chit-chatted. left ard 11.40pm off to je for transport.

work was slacked. :)

work ended, bid each other goodbyes n got best wishes from them. oh man, will gonna miss working wif them sia. well, who knows i may coming back? lol..

will be on 2 days leave n 1 off day. fri morning shift, time to present to e management. gosh, wonder how will it turned out. :)

outings. jus met up wif so-long-nvm-see sec sch fren. still e same old her. no changes after many yrs. best wishes to u n ur bf aite.

theory lessons n practices for basic, guess wat? i failed my basic evaluation sia. haf to retake my practices b4 i can take again my evaluation. phew, it aint easy ok?! all ans look almost e same n i haf to read again n again until i go mad! haha.

wat's for now? awaiting for poly results if i can get in. if not, will be applying for a full-time job. will upgrade myself in few yrs to come. let nature takes it course. :)

time to enjoy tis few days.

mood comes will i update again.

7:04 PM
Friday, January 2, 2009
ok.. so long for not blogging. not in e mood. :)

happy new yr to everyone! may u haf a smooth yr ahead!

attachment was okay though it may be damn boring at times. so left abt 9 wks to go n im done wif! n so cant wait to meet e rest of e peeps!

was on morning shift. pretty lazy to go work jus now sia. well, only my supervisor, me n lim turned up for work. supposingly jumadi on MC, in e end he came in e afternoon wif sara, who is covering up for my other team member.

today nothing much running. only rotavap operation.

had a long chat wif sara, who was also last time ite bb intern. abt how am i going to plan for future, work, studies n etc.

n i realised time passes fast n im not tat young anymore. imagine 10 yrs down e road i cant haf posibbly be in e same position or watnot. must climb up n achieve higher. n passion plays a part too.

haiz. seriously i also dunno wat i wanted. mayb will stick to be a technician n aim high in yrs to come. as i find e job challenging.

yeah. finally haf apply license under school candidate Class 3C. hopefully 9 mths later will get. :)

8:09 PM
Thursday, December 18, 2008
so was on midnight shift, n supposed to be still in bed. was awoken by irritating noises coming from my neighbour's. guess wat? renovations going on sia! while sleeping was thinking wat e hell they choose tis day to do?! right now, still feeling a lil bit tired. luckily swimming was cancelled. :)

so my life has been going okay, working, outings n stuffs.

left ard 1 mth plus to e end of my attachment. freaking fast man! gotta plan for future. either to continue study or working full-time.

omg! im craving for swensen's log cake!!

5:21 PM
Sunday, December 7, 2008
alright. jus 1 wk of not doing land training makes me sooo tired n shagged. so last wk was on afternoon shift, managed to head e gym on tues n fri. shiok man. do 1km of cardio machine rowing, bicep & tricep curl n clean&jerk. as usual, next day whole body aching sia.

wed was e day my teeth extraction took place. yeah, finally its done n my mouth looks much more better than ever! =)

work. last wk was ok. did same operation. only slight changes. then fri was a cool wan. did prepare silica feed n learn a bit of crystallization. wah, preparing silica feed was worse man! was a manual job a lot of things to do like measuring, stirring n pumping of hexane n Vit E. was sweating like mad. then again e job was so lurve! haha..

ytd. was kbcc sea training. wondered why was easily shagged, but then it feels good! so training ended ard 12pm, debriefed n wen to shower at kssc.

wen to meet fren at vivo. eaten lunch n shopped.

so i bought e checkered shirt from topshop, gosh it was freaking ex can! well was too nice n cant take my eyes off tat.. lol. nothing much, head to bugis junction n bought another top from litmus. saw ignasia wore it then asked her where she gotten it. tanks ar!

slacked at coffee bean near wheelock place there. nowadays aint easy to find coffee bean dunno why. haha. chit chatted till 10pm, off we wen home.

was a good full day outing.. i wan more!! yeah, christmas is coming!
shopped - shopped - shopped!

yay! PH tmr..

finally morning shift comes.

3:14 PM
Monday, November 24, 2008
alright.. shall post abt my last wk routine.. =)

MON. was on morning shift. work as per normal. it was a day of our company dinner welcoming new CEO, MD n etc.

work ended a bit earlier, so waited my next shift fren at e control room. so all e rest reached including of those intern who jus left n from BioPolis people, we chatted ard. then acc my fren work for short while b4 it was time to gathered everyone down at e ground level.

n guess wat? we were e only ones who were late. lol.

so speech started, one by one they introduced themselves. n dinner started. yeah. we were so hungry man. haha. food was nice, from Eatzi Catering Services.

was great seeing everyone from each n every department. chit chatted n camwhored.

ard 7.45pm, bus came n everyone left. was very shagged. home sweet home.

here are some of e pics taken:

TUES. work as per usual. nowadays we haf to keep running the rotavap operation to achieve e required distilled eluent.

so after work, wen kallang for our last land training. we did running from kallang to esplanade area n back. we covered ard 6-8km. it was great running togther wif the team. =)

after tat warmed-down n debriefed. sweet home.

wed n thurs. work as per normal.

FRI. was a lil bit diff for work. yes did pspd. was loved eventhough weather was freaking hot. i requested from my supervisor to follow my teammate up to e plant for tank loading/unloading of oil product to e tanker. then took sample from e truck itself.

omg. did slipped off from e small ladder down away of 2 steps. n luckily it was only e short ladder. if e longer wan, will be worse. =)

then back to e control room, other teamamte teach me e basics of operating e DCS. there was a lot to learn.

work ended ard 4.15pm, changed n sweet home. wanna rest early for sat n sun 26th SRR 08.

SAT. e day we haf been waiting for. we were to reached raffles at 8am. so meet farh, kaisin n joy off we go to raffles to meet up wif e rest.

n our ladies event tertiary women was at 10.25am. team warm-up together n debriefed all tat. getting ready in queue for e race.

i can say we ladies did give all out for e race eventhough we gotten e last placing. good job ladies!

comes later e guys tertiary men. they also did greatgreat!

mixed national championship crew, we were under KBCC team A n B, team B gotten 1st for tat! WELL DONE to us! team A gotten 3rd n we both were qualified for e semi-finals. =)

our day ended ard 5plus pm, me nadiyah n nina wen back hm 1st. i needa go my cuz chalet at costa sands downtown east. reached hm nearly 12am, washed up n sleep.

SUN. 1st was e PA invitational event 10 mixed crew race, something happen n were disqualified.

so team A n B were on e same heats, so team B rowed. we gotten e 4th. was a bit disappointed, but i know we had done our best! we should be proud. =)

then debriefed wif our coaches. changed n wen to eat our late lunch at marina square. everyones feeling shagged. home sweet home.

finally all our hard work pays off.

here are some of e pics taken:

TODAY. will be on midnight shift. sian.

11:47 AM
Friday, November 14, 2008
ok.. work a bit slacked but still i do haf back pain n watnot. haiz..

work. so ytd was gary last day of his internship wif Davos. well, so kinda of miss working wif him as he was always there to look after me n teaching me stuffs. he wen back ard 8.30pm, didnt manage to bid him goodbye. wishing him all e best in future endeavours!

wen for early dinner ard 7 plus pm, head to e pilot plant room to chat wif e rest. was a lil bit hungry, wen dinner wif lim 1st. done, back to control room n supervisor ask me go prepare feed for hipersep straight. thought wanna slacked a bit 1st but too bad.

continue wif e rotavap n hipersep alone, everything wen smoothly n im done ard 10 plus pm.

feels a bit weird wen one of team mates left. comes wen each n everyone of us gathered together at control room. =)

told to be independent in everything i do at work.. oh well.. adapting..

training. yeah. river regatta will be in a wks time. pretty fast. lets everyone work hard together for e medals!

yay! sea training tmr. will be a long day for us. =)

12:56 PM
Friday, October 31, 2008
yes! after so long for not blogging. =) keeping short n sweet for today's post.

well. been bz wif attachment n trainings.

before tat wishing everyone's HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

was on morning shift. so work wen well today. learn something new. were to lazy to go out for lunch. yes take away lor. sian. getting bored wif e food there. work ended ard 4 plus, get ready n changed.

wen near my house area for dental appointment. had 1 filling, cant tahan e pain so injection. yar after so long for not going there, everything turns out to be worse. so next wk gonna plucked out my unwanted tooth. damn. gonna be pain sia. aarrgghh!!!

yeah. regatta is in few wks time. so lets everyone train hard!

7:47 PM
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